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NicoDerm CQ Step 3

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Clear Patch, 7 mg, 2-Week Kit (14 patches)

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NicoDerm CQ Step 3

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Nicotine Transdermal System. Kit Contains: 14 Patches, Committed Quitters Program enrollment form, user's guide, CD and child resistant disposal tray. 7 mg of nicotine delivered over 24 hours. If you smoke more than 10 cigarettes per day, start with Step 1; 10 or less cigarettes per day: Start with Step 2. NicoDerm CQ is a three step program. You start with the highest level of medicine and gradually step down your dose. What is the NicoDerm CQ Patch and how is it used? NicoDerm CQ is a small, nicotine-containing patch. When you put on a NicoDerm CQ patch, nicotine passes through the skin and into your body. NicoDerm CQ is very thin and uses special material to control how fast nicotine passes through the skin. Unlike the sudden jolts of nicotine delivered by cigarettes, the amount of nicotine you receive remains relatively smooth throughout the 24 or 16 hour period you wear the NicoDerm CQ patch. This helps to reduce cravings you may have for nicotine.

When you decide to quit smoking, NicoDerm CQ with SmartControl can give you 24-hour defense against cravings. NicoDerm CQ is the only clear patch specially formulated with patented SmartControl technology that helps provide a controlled release of therapeutic nicotine for 24 hours* to help fight cravings all day long. The patented SmartControl technology includes an extra layer which ensures that all the nicotine will not be delivered at once or run out too soon. You can choose to wear the patch for 16 or 24 hours each day, so you get continuous protection against cravings--even if you get early morning cravings when you first wake up.

Nicotine is a stronger addiction than most people realize--and cigarettes are a very efficient nicotine delivery system. Each puff sends nicotine to the brain within 10 seconds, activating areas of the brain that produce feelings of pleasure and reward by raising dopamine levels. Dopamine is the same substance involved in addiction like cocaine and heroin. So we have another puff. And another.

Soon the brain's chemical structure actually changes. It becomes hooked into wanting more and more nicotine to make the effects last. When the brain stops getting the nicotine it's used to, we begin to feel withdrawal cravings--actually the brain craving nicotine.

As this nicotine addiction sets in, the brain links everyday habits with smoking, boosting the role of cigarettes. Normal everyday activities begin to trigger the urge to smoke. Drinking coffee in the morning. Talking on the phone. Work breaks. Driving.

So when you try to quit smoking, you're actually fighting a battle on two fronts: 1) physical--that is, nicotine addiction--and 2) habitual, the activities, moods and events linked with smoking.

NicoDerm CQ with SmartControl gives you the power to take on both sides of quitting. Beat your cravings with NicoDerm CQ. And break your habit with an individualized plan from Committed Quitters.

First, cravings. Once you stop smoking, that's when your brain really starts screaming for nicotine. Your withdrawal cravings can actually intensify in the days after you quit. That's where Therapeutic Nicotine--like that from NicoDerm CQ--is proven effective. The SmartControl technology helps provide a controlled release of nicotine, ensuring that all of the nicotine will not be delivered at once, or run out too soon. It is delivered steadily and evenly through your skin, without the harmful carcinogens that cigarettes contain.

This controlled release of nicotine shields you from the harsh effects of nicotine withdrawal, working as a temporary aid to help you quit smoking.

To help you change those smoking habits, NicoDerm CQ includes online behavioral support from Committed Quitters. Enrollment is free--and you'll receive an individualized multiweek stop-smoking plan tailored to your specific needs, designed to help you quit smoking for good. You'll also get support and tips to help you along the way. Committed Quitters has been clinically proven to improve success rates when combined with NicoDerm CQ.

Once you've decided to quit, NicoDerm CQ with SmartControl is ready to help shield you against cravings. You simply put on the patch once each day for nonstop, continuous protection from nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

Start with the right treatment plan: Different smokers are used to different nicotine levels. That's why NicoDerm CQ offers two different treatment options.

  • If you smoke more than ten cigarettes a day, use the ten-week program, starting with the 21 mg strength.
  • If you smoke ten cigarettes or fewer a day, use the eight-week program, starting with the 14 mg strength.
Choose how long to wear the patch:You can wear your patch for 16 or 24 hours. If you crave cigarettes when you wake up, or feel like you want extra protection, wear the patch for 24 hours. Otherwise, take it off at bedtime and apply a fresh patch first thing in the morning. Either way, SmartControl technology helps provide a steady flow of nicotine for continuous protection.

Get an individualized stop-smoking plan from Committed Quitters: Your plan can help you overcome your unique barriers to quitting smoking--and increase your chances of success. For example, if you're used to having a cigarette with your morning coffee, you'll get specific advice on overcoming that habit and desire. Look for information in your package of NicoDerm CQ with SmartControl, or visit

Follow your step-down plan: Both the ten-week and eight-week programs are designed to help you gradually step down over a full course of therapy. As you use NicoDerm CQ with SmartControl, you'll feel your cravings start to diminish as it helps your body gradually wean itself off nicotine. Following the program, you lower your dosage until you are free of both nicotine and cigarettes.

NicoDerm CQ with SmartControl is available in clear and opaque. The ThinFlex patch is the thinnest and most flexible clear patch ever--designed to move with you for as long as you wear it.

*When worn for 24 hours

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