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Nicorette Cinnamon

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4mg, 20-Count

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Nicorette Cinnamon

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Nicorette Gum helps calm your withdrawal symptoms when you're trying to quit. So you can put the bite on cravings, instead of cravings putting the bite on you. That's because, when you stop smoking, the sudden removal of nicotine from your system lowers your dopamine levels, making you feel moody and irritable. Nicorette Gum provides a controlled amount of nicotine to your system at a slower, less intense pace than cigarettes and without the toxins in cigarette smoke. It's a temporary therapeutic aid that reduces withdrawal symptoms and helps you quit smoking. Your body gradually adjusts to having less nicotine until you no longer need any. By helping to relieve cravings, Nicorette lets you focus on disrupting the patterns that link cigarettes to so many of your daily activities. Great tasting Nicorette Gum can double your chances of successfully quitting smoking. When used as directed you even can use an extra piece to handle strong or frequent cravings. Choose from six great tasting flavors: White Ice Mint, Cinnamon Surge, Fruit Chill, FreshMint, Mint and Original.

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