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Nicorette Coated Gum

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2mg, 100 pieces (Fresh Mint)

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Nicorette Coated Gum

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For those who smoke less than 25 cigarettes a day. Each piece contains: calcium (94 mg), sodium (11 mg).

When you're ready to quit, Nicorette can help you take charge--by giving you control over your cravings. Use it on a regular schedule to prevent cravings throughout the day--and when an especially tough craving hits, only Nicorette gives you the freedom to chew an extra piece of gum. Nicorette medicated gum is a form of Therapeutic Nicotine, which means it provides nicotine to your system as a temporary aid to help you quit smoking by reducing nicotine withdrawal symptoms.
Nicotine is a stronger addiction than most people realize--and cigarettes are a very efficient nicotine delivery system. Each puff sends nicotine to the brain within 10 seconds, activating areas of the brain that produce feelings of pleasure and reward by raising dopamine levels. Dopamine is the same substance involved in addiction like cocaine and heroin. So we have another puff. And another.

Soon the brain's chemical structure actually changes. It becomes hooked into wanting more and more nicotine to make the effects last. When the brain stops getting the nicotine it's used to, we begin to feel withdrawal cravings--actually the brain craving nicotine.

As this nicotine addiction sets in, the brain links everyday habits with smoking, boosting the role of cigarettes. Normal everyday activities begin to trigger the urge to smoke. Drinking coffee in the morning. Talking on the phone. Work breaks. Driving.

So when you try to quit smoking, you're actually fighting a battle on two fronts: 1) physical--that is, nicotine addiction--and 2) habitual, the activities, moods and events linked with smoking.

Cravings and habits go hand in hand for anyone trying to quit. Nicorette helps you address both.

First, let's talk about cravings. Once you stop smoking, that's when your brain really starts screaming for nicotine. Your withdrawal cravings can actually intensify in the days after you quit. That's where Therapeutic Nicotine--like Nicorette--is proven effective. Nicorette delivers small amounts of nicotine--without the thousands of other toxins and chemicals contained in tobacco smoke--relieving withdrawal cravings.

By helping stop cravings before they start, Nicorette increases your chance of success by allowing you to focus your willpower on changing your smoking habits.

Now to help you change those habits, Nicorette lets you take advantage of an individualized support program from Committed Quitters, an online plan designed to help you quit smoking for good. You can enroll free with the Personal Code from your Nicorette User's Guide. And you'll receive a stop-smoking plan tailored to your specific needs, with plenty of tips to help you along. Using Nicorette with Committed Quitters significantly increases your chances of quitting.

Once you've decided to quit, Nicorette helps you take charge. You use it on a regular schedule throughout the day to help prevent cravings. And if a strong or suddenly provoked craving comes, you can chew an extra piece--as long as you use no more than 24 pieces a day.

Start with the right strength: Nicorette gum comes in two strengths:
  • 4 mg, for people who smoke 25 or more cigarettes a day,
  • 2 mg, for people who smoke fewer than 25 a day.
Get an individualized stop-smoking plan from Committed Quitters: Your plan can help you overcome your unique barriers to quitting smoking--and increase your chances of success. For example, if you're used to having a cigarette with your morning coffee, you'll get specific advice on overcoming that habit and desire. Look for information in your package of Nicorette, or visit

Follow the Nicorette 12-week plan: Nicorette is designed to allow your body to adjust to having less nicotine over a 12-week period through a gradual, step-down process. You use fewer and fewer pieces of Nicorette until you no longer need it at all. But remember, it's designed for a 12-week course of therapy. And to improve your chances of quitting successfully, start with at least 9 pieces of Nicorette a day.

Because Nicorette is medicated gum, you don't chew it the same way you chew regular gum. Here's how to use it:
  1. Chew each Nicorette piece very slowly several times.
  2. Stop chewing when you notice a peppery taste, or a slight tingling in your mouth. This usually happens after about one minute or 15 chews, but may vary from person to person.
  3. "Park" the Nicorette piece between your cheek and gum, and leave it there.
  4. When the peppery taste or tingle is almost gone (in about a minute), start to chew a few times slowly again. When the taste or tingle returns, stop again.
  5. "Park" the Nicorette piece again in a different place in your mouth.
  6. Repeat steps 4 to 7 (chew, chew, park) until most of the nicotine is gone from the Nicorette piece (usually happens in about half an hour; the peppery taste or tingle won't return).

Fresh Mint is coated for a delicious burst of flavor.

Fruit Chill is double-coated for intense fruit flavor with a hint of mint. You can change flavors anytime you want.

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