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Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

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 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

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Super Easy to Use! Review by Ryan
Ever since my husband came home from the doc after being told to watch his blood pressure, we've been using this monitor. It's SUPER easy to use, it's fast, it's convenient and it's accurate. I took it with to the doctor and tested them side by side - both this machine and the doctor's came up with the EXACT same reading.

I love that it's so compact too. When it's not in use, I put it in the included bag and tuck it into the buffet in my dining room.

I'd recommend this cuff to anyone! (Posted on 5/3/2012)
Take it from a nurse Review by Wix
First off, this is a nice home blood pressure machine. While I would never mistake it for, nor compare it to the 2-3 thousand dollar Dinamap machines I use in professional practice - I do find this little Omron to be perfect for home usage. I was offered this product through Amazon's Vine program. Although I did not really need a blood pressure cuff I felt that my expertise may provide a useful review.

The B/P was accurate and it was done quickly. There is an arrhythmia warning indicator here and since I do not have one, I cannot venture to grade its efficiency but would comment that it is a nice addition. The cuff included is nice and has diagrams on it so you will know with minimum effort how it should be placed on your arm.

OK, so I know a lot of people here read the negative reviews in determining if they should purchase a model. I will put these pointers in bulletin form so they are easier to read:

- NO blood pressure machine is going to give the same reading every time. Your blood pressure changes with the wind and is not a number that should magically appear on a screen time after time. Using the cuff on the same arm multiple times in a row will likely ramp up the B/P every subsequent time, as well as your frustration. Using it after exercise, stress, meals or while you are tired will all play around with the final numbers. Pick a daily time to take your B/P, sit down and relax, then begin with your arm resting at your side. The main reason you track your B/P is to get a trend, which is why the built in memory is a nice feature. For people on meds or with special directives, continue to follow your doctor's advice on monitoring.

- Cuff size is extremely important! For people with small arms or large arms you MUST go get the correct cuff for your arm size or it will throw the numbers off dramatically. If you aren't willing to get a new cuff for this machine and your arms are not within this range, don't waste your money. Using a cuff too small will result in readings that are too high wheras using a cuff too large for your body will falsely lower that reading. If the cuff is peeling off your arm as the machine inflates, or if the cuff feels loose and the machine is ramping up the pressure much higher than your normal blood pressure, you might want to double check to ensure the cuff size is correct, and that it is correctly placed.

- Batteries must be fresh and not on their last leg. There is an optional A/C adapter which is DC6V. If you are using batteries you must keep a back up set or go out an get an adapter.

Bottom line: if you read, follow directions and keep fresh power to this machine it will give you what you need. The reading is only as good as the machine operator's technique and this basic skill can easily be mastered with a little patience and research. If you get this machine and are still in doubt as to its proper use you can either consult this product's manuel, call their help line, ask the doctor's office nurse for guidence, or simply search on the internet. Hope this helps in your purchasing decision! (Posted on 5/3/2012)

2 Item(s)

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